Smartphone Trends That Fit Field Service Management

Smartphones have become almost lifesaving tools for so many students, entrepreneurs and businessmen. With mobile phones getting more and more complex each day, these little tools help you run your life and business with much ease. According to the IDC (International Data Corporation), Android based systems occupy the largest market share with 78.1%, while the iOS platforms are in charge for 17.5% of the market share. Windows Phone, Blackberry and other systems are currently holding below 5% of the general market share. Android’s hold on the market might decrease over the coming years if the launch of Samsung’s Tizen operating system is a success. Samsung produce some of the most popular Android phones and should they move away from Android, this could prove to be a big blow for the American software giant.


Smartphones to Look out For

Almost every month there is a new upgrade available to this or that mobile platform or system. In the beginning, smartphones could be likened to small handheld computers, but nowadays you can use your gadget for everything from booking your trip online, accessing your important documents on the Cloud or access and managing your bank account.

With millions of downloadable apps being available, people can just configure their smartphone according to their exact needs and requirements. Check out some of the most promising upcoming releases:

–          Maximized privacy oriented Blackphone - Android based platform, promising to protect people from ‘sneaky’ Government and companies looking to access personal info. Other great features include encrypted calling and an inbuilt OS security center which lets you handle sensitive application permissions with the most privacy possible. The Blackphone is currently selling at about £450


–          Samsung Galaxy S5 - a highly promising, versatile mobile gadget incorporating features such as a fingerprint reader to protect personal and business data, an extremely fast  and high quality camera that’s great for taking photos in the field (16mp), and a screen that is highly sensitive in adapting to strong ambient light. It’s price is approximately £580

xl_samsung galaxy s5








–          BlackBerry Classic (Q20) - a more retro style Blackberry carrying plenty of improvements, the gadget is speaking mainly to professionals in the military, medicine, engineering and other fields. The device promises great ease of use thanks to the full hardware keyboard including a track pad, and a new OS platform which allows users to download any Android applications they want to use (not limited to Google Apps). Pricing and launch date to be determined.



User friendliness for field service operators

Thanks to the introduction of such versatile and user friendly phones, field service operators can customize their gadget according to their specific needs. There are many important web based applications and modules which allow engineers to perform a more organised and accurate job, saving important resources such as time and money. For example, you can take pictures or make important voice recordings and attach them to jobs.

You can access these features through the internet, without having to download or install anything on your phone. The system is basically split between the back office and the mobile device, and the back office is responsible for all the technical tasks of a job such as reporting or the service desk.

The staff in the office will create the jobs and then send these jobs to the engineer in the field through the mobile device. Next, the field operator will accept the job and can make modifications such as attaching pictures, videos, voice recordings, notes, etc.

JobLogic’s service management software for gas installers helps you both save precious time and also eliminate paperwork hassles or communication problems. Top highlights include:

  • Maintain customer database and access it quickly and easily with the touch of a button
  • Access to a unified service desk which allows you to find important data and log jobs within seconds
  • Create service reminders so that you will never forget to complete a job- fill in contracts, schedule service visits, keep track of preventative maintenance jobs, etc.
  • Log into your service desk and keep an eye on the forms and risk assessments filled in by your engineers. Perform searches based on certain criteria and find exactly what you are looking for quickly
  • Stay in full control over every aspect of a job: match invoices, assign workers to jobs, make changes within job requirements, and many more.


For more information about JobLogic, request a free demo or cal 0800 326 5561

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