Plumbing and Heating NVQ Level 2 Diploma

Guilford College

Course start date 31st August 2014
Course duration 1 year full time, 2 years part time. End date 31st August 2015 (or 2016 if opting for part time)
Course Cost £1550 for tuition and £230 for exam fees. £52 per hour for theory tuition at the college.
Course Location Home-based study in your own home, and 4 site visits to Guildford College, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1EZ
Course Contact 01483 448500

This reasonably priced self-study course is great for those looking for value for money and to complete it in their own home. The course is fast-paced and all assessments are done online, at your own pace. You will only need to be onsite 4 times during your training, to prove your competency for the NVQ 2. If you feel like you would prefer some tuition, then you can pay £52 per hour for a theory session at the college. There are no practical sessions at the college.

The exam board for this course is the City and Guilds London Institute, and covers the following modules:

  1. Understand and carry out safe working practices in Building Services Engineering (BSE)
  2. Understand how to communicate with others within BSE
  3. Understand how to apply environmental protection measures within BSE
  4. Understand how to apply scientific principles within mechanical services engineering
  5. Understand and carry out site preparation, and pipework fabrication techniques for domestic plumbing and heating systems
  6. Understand and apply domestic cold water system installation and maintenance techniques
  7. Understand and apply domestic hot water system installation and maintenance techniques
  8. Understand and apply domestic central heating system installation and maintenance techniques
  9. Understand and apply domestic rainwater system installation and maintenance techniques
  10. Understand and apply domestic above ground drainage system installation and maintenance techniques
  11. Apply safe working practices in building services engineering working environment
  12. Install and maintain domestic plumbing and heating systems
  13. Install and maintain domestic heating systems

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