Gas Safety Week 2014 Is Here


Gas Safety Week 2014 gets underway today. It’s the United Kingdom’s national gas safety campaign which aims to raise awareness of gas safety across the nation. As autumn creeps up on us, now is the moment to ensure that you deliver the safest solutions to consumers. Protect your workers, your equipment and your customers by ensuring everything runs safely and smoothly.

As an installer and maintainer of gas equipment, you’ll realise the importance of remaining compliant with gas safety regulations. There are many solutions available to make compliance easier. We’ve developed gas installer software which has been specifically designed to help Gas Safe registered companies both minimise paperwork and make safety documentation easier to access. Reduce the amount of paperwork you need to deal with and free up time to make your business even more productive.
With JobLogic, you can:

  • Produce electronic gas safety certificates
  • Minimise time spent in the office scheduling tasks and assigning jobs
  • Reduce invoicing time
  • Receive gas safety forms in the office instantly
  • Improve organisation by implementing smart solutions to common problems
  • Eliminate the risk of misplacing important documents

The instant a job is completed the invoices can be printed in the office or sent directly to the customer. Engineers do not have to be physically present at the office several times per day for paperwork related issues such as picking up job sheets or returning safety documents at the end of the day so that the customer can be invoiced. Forms will be available in the office instantly; they will not be lost, can be searched for instantly and will be easy to read.

JobLogic specialises in offering important solutions that help service providers stay gas safe, including maintenance scheduling, annual gas service reminders, digital safety forms and many more. Our job management & scheduling software helps you to be gas safe compliant for a low monthly subscription fee.

Why not see how we can help you to stay gas safe by booking a free demo? Our helpful staff would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about service management and our software.

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