Gas Safety Forms

We have a large list of forms we have for the gas industry. All forms can be completed using your engineer’s mobile device and produce a .pdf form output that is stored against both the job and the site. It’s possible to look at all mobile forms related to a single site where you can then print or send the forms by email. Another option is to search for a job and after opening it, you will be able to see all attachments associated with it.

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Commercial Gas Safety Certificate
Domestic Gas Safety Certificate
Gas Service / Maintenance Check List
Gas Breakdown/ Repair sheet
Gas Warning Notice
Plumbing Audit Form
Testing/Purging (non-domestic)
Gas Installation Safety (non-domestic)

For oil fired appliances:



Book a free demo and our dedicated sales team will show you how to complete gas safety forms on your mobile device.



Gas Safety Checks; Engineers and Appliances

Gas Safety Week is a national campaign, the main aim of which is to raise awareness of gas safety, and the importance of having only registered engineers performing gas related jobs in your home. The Gas Safe register is an official database of the gas engineers who are qualified to carry out jobs safely and legally. It is extremely important to check that the engineer performing repairs or maintenance on your gas equipment is on the Gas Safe Register.

Checking if an engineer is registered can be easily done online, by entering their ID number in the check box (click on ‘Check A Gas Engineer‘) available on the Gas Safe Register website. Registered engineers are qualified to carry out jobs such as installing, servicing or repairing gas boilers, fires, a hobs or and gas cookers.

It is extremely important to maintain gas appliances regularly in order to prevent leaks which can lead to fire or deadly carbon monoxide leaks. JobLogic offers a fully integrated planned maintenance scheduler and it is extremely easy to link assets to sites.
– Any work performed on an asset will be recorded against that asset
– Relevant safety certificates will be held against the asset
– Easily searchable histories
– Quickly link assets to sites
– Job status tracking
– Equipment + Assets Service history
– Jobs raised by site or specific customer
– Quick view of outstanding works
– Automatic job generation

The planned maintenance scheduler provides full control over all the planned and scheduled jobs. The service desk allows for the workflow status to be monitored from start to finish.

The software can also be used to create electronic, printable Gas Safety Certificates. Work is performed on the site, and all important data is sent wirelessly to the office. There is no need to be physically present several times a day at the office, since the JobLogic allows you to stay updated and get all the information engineers need while on the go.

JobLogic software is hosted on ultra secure servers, so there is no need to worry about costs related to installing software on your computer or device. Most importantly, all data is protected through High Level Security, daily backups and virus software. By using the application, keeping track of annual service reminders is also easier than ever.

Gas SafeDoug at the Bullring Birmingham

Jordan-Hancock-gas-safe-phoToday, the team at JobLogic met Gas Safe super hero Doug outside the Bullring in Birmingham. We just missed the man himself as he was probably out attending to a Gas Safety emergency somewhere in the UK, or Birmingham, which was found to be one of the most unsafe cities in the UK.

On hand were Gas Safe registered engineers who gave valuable advice to gas consumers about staying Gas Safe. This included making sure the engineer that turns up to fix your appliance is actually qualified to carry out the work you require and that carbon monoxide alarms are fitted at an appropriate distance from every gas appliance.

Doug is a regular guy just like us and uses a yellow phone box to change before flying off to save lives. Inside his phone box, there was a tablet where you could input your postcode to see how safe/ unsafe it is.

Today, the tour was in Birmingham and Nottingham, but Doug will also be visiting:

18th Norwich – Chapelfield
19th Bristol – Cabot Circus
20th Portsmouth – Arundel Street

Check out the event in your local area and don’t forget to follow Doug on Twitter.

Gas Safety Week 2014 Is Here


Gas Safety Week 2014 gets underway today. It’s the United Kingdom’s national gas safety campaign which aims to raise awareness of gas safety across the nation. As autumn creeps up on us, now is the moment to ensure that you deliver the safest solutions to consumers. Protect your workers, your equipment and your customers by ensuring everything runs safely and smoothly.

As an installer and maintainer of gas equipment, you’ll realise the importance of remaining compliant with gas safety regulations. There are many solutions available to make compliance easier. We’ve developed gas installer software which has been specifically designed to help Gas Safe registered companies both minimise paperwork and make safety documentation easier to access. Reduce the amount of paperwork you need to deal with and free up time to make your business even more productive.
With JobLogic, you can:

  • Produce electronic gas safety certificates
  • Minimise time spent in the office scheduling tasks and assigning jobs
  • Reduce invoicing time
  • Receive gas safety forms in the office instantly
  • Improve organisation by implementing smart solutions to common problems
  • Eliminate the risk of misplacing important documents

The instant a job is completed the invoices can be printed in the office or sent directly to the customer. Engineers do not have to be physically present at the office several times per day for paperwork related issues such as picking up job sheets or returning safety documents at the end of the day so that the customer can be invoiced. Forms will be available in the office instantly; they will not be lost, can be searched for instantly and will be easy to read.

JobLogic specialises in offering important solutions that help service providers stay gas safe, including maintenance scheduling, annual gas service reminders, digital safety forms and many more. Our job management & scheduling software helps you to be gas safe compliant for a low monthly subscription fee.

Why not see how we can help you to stay gas safe by booking a free demo? Our helpful staff would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about service management and our software.

JobLogic Supports Gas Safety Week 2014



We’re proud to be supporting Gas Safety Week 2014, which takes place over the course of a week between 15th and 21st September. We’ve pledged our support because as writers of software for gas installers, we’re always eager to support safety initiatives in the plumbing and heating industry.

This annually held event is designed to promote a more safety conscious industry and consumer base. Organised by the Gas Safe Register, the event promotes the importance of taking care of appliances, which includes correct installation and regular servicing.

Badly fitted and poorly serviced gas appliances have been the cause of many otherwise preventable fatalities over the years. Around 40 people in England and Wales die needlessly from carbon monoxide poisoning every year, as well as thousands of cases of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The gas cannot be seen, tasted or smelt, yet has the potential to kill in minutes with no warning whatsoever. The only way to help protect your family is with the use of a carbon monoxide detector and ensuring that anyone who installs or maintains your gas appliances is Gas Safe registered.

Our gas installer software is designed for Gas Safe engineers to use in the field. They can easily create gas safety certificates for both domestic landlords and commercial applications. Engineers can collect all form data electronically including signature capture. Back in the office, JobLogic offers a powerful asset management system which is great for scheduling maintenance tasks.

To show our support for Gas Safety week, we’re publishing a series of articles, infographics and videos to promote ways companies can be Gas Safe. From the JobLogic twitter account, we will be tweeting and re-tweeting using the hashtags #GasSafetyWeek and #GasSafetyWeek2014. Please follow @JobLogicUK and show your support for a safer nation.

If you’re a gas safe installer, take a demo of our software to see how we can help make staying gas safe easier and more cost effective.

Smartphone Trends That Fit Field Service Management

Smartphones have become almost lifesaving tools for so many students, entrepreneurs and businessmen. With mobile phones getting more and more complex each day, these little tools help you run your life and business with much ease. According to the IDC (International Data Corporation), Android based systems occupy the largest market share with 78.1%, while the iOS platforms are in charge for 17.5% of the market share. Windows Phone, Blackberry and other systems are currently holding below 5% of the general market share. Android’s hold on the market might decrease over the coming years if the launch of Samsung’s Tizen operating system is a success. Samsung produce some of the most popular Android phones and should they move away from Android, this could prove to be a big blow for the American software giant.


Smartphones to Look out For

Almost every month there is a new upgrade available to this or that mobile platform or system. In the beginning, smartphones could be likened to small handheld computers, but nowadays you can use your gadget for everything from booking your trip online, accessing your important documents on the Cloud or access and managing your bank account.

With millions of downloadable apps being available, people can just configure their smartphone according to their exact needs and requirements. Check out some of the most promising upcoming releases:

–          Maximized privacy oriented Blackphone - Android based platform, promising to protect people from ‘sneaky’ Government and companies looking to access personal info. Other great features include encrypted calling and an inbuilt OS security center which lets you handle sensitive application permissions with the most privacy possible. The Blackphone is currently selling at about £450


–          Samsung Galaxy S5 - a highly promising, versatile mobile gadget incorporating features such as a fingerprint reader to protect personal and business data, an extremely fast  and high quality camera that’s great for taking photos in the field (16mp), and a screen that is highly sensitive in adapting to strong ambient light. It’s price is approximately £580

xl_samsung galaxy s5








–          BlackBerry Classic (Q20) - a more retro style Blackberry carrying plenty of improvements, the gadget is speaking mainly to professionals in the military, medicine, engineering and other fields. The device promises great ease of use thanks to the full hardware keyboard including a track pad, and a new OS platform which allows users to download any Android applications they want to use (not limited to Google Apps). Pricing and launch date to be determined.



User friendliness for field service operators

Thanks to the introduction of such versatile and user friendly phones, field service operators can customize their gadget according to their specific needs. There are many important web based applications and modules which allow engineers to perform a more organised and accurate job, saving important resources such as time and money. For example, you can take pictures or make important voice recordings and attach them to jobs.

You can access these features through the internet, without having to download or install anything on your phone. The system is basically split between the back office and the mobile device, and the back office is responsible for all the technical tasks of a job such as reporting or the service desk.

The staff in the office will create the jobs and then send these jobs to the engineer in the field through the mobile device. Next, the field operator will accept the job and can make modifications such as attaching pictures, videos, voice recordings, notes, etc.

JobLogic’s service management software for gas installers helps you both save precious time and also eliminate paperwork hassles or communication problems. Top highlights include:

  • Maintain customer database and access it quickly and easily with the touch of a button
  • Access to a unified service desk which allows you to find important data and log jobs within seconds
  • Create service reminders so that you will never forget to complete a job- fill in contracts, schedule service visits, keep track of preventative maintenance jobs, etc.
  • Log into your service desk and keep an eye on the forms and risk assessments filled in by your engineers. Perform searches based on certain criteria and find exactly what you are looking for quickly
  • Stay in full control over every aspect of a job: match invoices, assign workers to jobs, make changes within job requirements, and many more.


For more information about JobLogic, request a free demo or cal 0800 326 5561

Retention of Staff is of Critiacal Importance

A recent report by accountants Deloitte confirmed what many within the UK oil and gas industry have long believed – that retention of high potential and critical staff within the sector remains a critical concern. The January 2012 report entitled “Talent Edge 2020”, confirmed that staff need to be effectively utilised and valued in order for them to remain with their current employers.


40% of the “Millennial” generation group – those who are aged 31 and under – who responded to the survey confirmed that they were looking to leave their employer in the next year. This lack of loyalty is confirmed when comparing staff on length of service in their current roles, with 60% of people surveyed who have been in a role less than two years looking to move on compared to less than 20% of the people who had been in a role for more than two years. Evidently to retain high performing staff with good potential it is critical to gain their loyalty in the first two years or there is a very real prospect of losing them to a competitor.


Leadership is also valuable. 62% of those surveyed who intend to stay with their current employer reported high levels of trust in their corporate leadership against 27% of those who plan to leave. These results reflect that to retain the best staff it is imperative to identify the best performing assets of an organisation and to provide leadership development programmes, competency and skills identification along with mentoring programmes to ensure that the industry gets the best they can from these people.


Gavin Sutherland, UK Country Manager of KCA Deutag was quoted as saying in the keynote sessions of the Offshore Europe 2013 conference; “UK platform drilling is perceived as a declining industry…experienced personnel are moving to international operations”, a view backed up by Mark Burns, CEO of Ensco who said at the same conference that “competition for experienced personnel remains a challenge….you should know and maintain your employees….focus on training & development programmes…”


Clearly there is a feeling among senior executives within the oil and gas industry that if the UK industry is to meet the challenge of maximising economic recovery of hydrocarbons then it must find ways to sustain the flow of talent into the sector and retain it – and the same themes of ensuring potential is developed to its fullest come to the fore.


There is an employment and skills seminar being held in Aberdeen on April 23 with the full-day programme aimed at people with responsibility for leading people and those in a HR function highlighting these topical issues of recognising, rewarding and retaining staff critical to companies.

Stay Gas Safe

Does gas safety concern you? Now you can see how safe your area is compared to others using this site:

It shows you where unsafe appliances have been found on an easy to navigate map. Where you see a number displayed, more than one incident occurred in that area and you can zoom in to find the exact location of each incident. Accidents often occur because service intervals are not adhered to.

The Gas Safe Register is working to protect you and your family. If you need work done on your property and it involves gas, then the contractor must be on the Gas Safe Register. If they’re not on the register, then they’re operating illegally. If you think that a gas fitter is operating illegally, you can call Gas Safe Register on 0800 408 5500 to report them.


JobLogic works closely with service and maintenance companies to help ensure Gas Safe registered contractors make their servicing appointments on time, complete risk assessments accurately and keep meticulous records.

If you’re a Gas Safe company, get in contact with us today to see how we can save you money and make your life easier:

0800 326 5561

Get More Information Or Book A Demo Today

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Plumbing and Heating NVQ Level 2 Diploma

Guilford College

Course start date 31st August 2014
Course duration 1 year full time, 2 years part time. End date 31st August 2015 (or 2016 if opting for part time)
Course Cost £1550 for tuition and £230 for exam fees. £52 per hour for theory tuition at the college.
Course Location Home-based study in your own home, and 4 site visits to Guildford College, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 1EZ
Course Contact 01483 448500

This reasonably priced self-study course is great for those looking for value for money and to complete it in their own home. The course is fast-paced and all assessments are done online, at your own pace. You will only need to be onsite 4 times during your training, to prove your competency for the NVQ 2. If you feel like you would prefer some tuition, then you can pay £52 per hour for a theory session at the college. There are no practical sessions at the college.

The exam board for this course is the City and Guilds London Institute, and covers the following modules:

  1. Understand and carry out safe working practices in Building Services Engineering (BSE)
  2. Understand how to communicate with others within BSE
  3. Understand how to apply environmental protection measures within BSE
  4. Understand how to apply scientific principles within mechanical services engineering
  5. Understand and carry out site preparation, and pipework fabrication techniques for domestic plumbing and heating systems
  6. Understand and apply domestic cold water system installation and maintenance techniques
  7. Understand and apply domestic hot water system installation and maintenance techniques
  8. Understand and apply domestic central heating system installation and maintenance techniques
  9. Understand and apply domestic rainwater system installation and maintenance techniques
  10. Understand and apply domestic above ground drainage system installation and maintenance techniques
  11. Apply safe working practices in building services engineering working environment
  12. Install and maintain domestic plumbing and heating systems
  13. Install and maintain domestic heating systems

City and Guilds Level 2 Plumbing and Heating Diploma

Options Skills

Course date 28th May
The course runs over 8 sessions that you can take at your own pace.
Course Cost £100 deposit, £5995 overall including VAT. You pay this per session you attend, and can be completed at your own pace. The price includes tuition and theory pack.
Bristol, Kingswood, BS15 4PJ.
There are many other training centres across the UK and you also don’t have to stick to training at one centre.
Course Contact 0808 115 6538

The next available 3-day practical training session in Bristol begins Wednesday 28th May. You can however attend a later session when feel you are ready to study.

This City and Guilds Plumbing and Heating diploma is a brilliant one for beginners, and for those who wish to learn at their own pace. The qualification enables you to learn how to install plumbing and heating systems, but does not allow you to work with gas (there is also a level 3 diploma available that can teach you this). Whether you choose the flexible or intensive route, at the end of the course you will be awarded with City and Guilds Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing Studies/NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing and Heating. You will also receive the Rainwater Harvesting and Grey Water Recycling Certificate. All assessments are done onsite, which even means you can be assessed on installing your own bathroom suite.

The theory modules covered are:
– Health and Safety
– Electrical Principles and Processes in BSE
– Scientific Principles
– Common Plumbing Processes
– Domestic Cold Water
– Domestic Hot Water
– Sanitation
– Domestic Central Heating
– Drainage Systems
– Understand how to communicate with others in BSE
– Environmental Awareness

The practical training modules are:

  1. Basic pipework
  2. Steel pipework
  3. Bathroom installation
  4. Airing cupboard and guttering
  5. Safety and pipework assessment
  6. Steel pipework and central heating assessment
  7. Bathroom installation and maintenance assessment
  8. Airing cupboard and guttering assessment